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Bayanihan- Happiness Within

photographed by Lyndon Lusk Lehde
  撮影者 リンドン ラスク リード  

Bayanihan in Filipino culture is defined as a community coming together and supporting each other to achieve a goal or overcome a problem, despite their limited resources. The Filipino people often remain positive during these challenging times, which is often reflected in their outgoing personalities and warm smiles.





It is the hope of the photographer that you can observe Bayanihan through his images and reflect on your own definition of happiness.


made possible with the kind support of:

Lorna Beduya

Anecito Beduya

Yaeko Watase

Yukari Rutson-Griffiths


Joel C. Garganera,

Cebu City Councilor


Marilou Mabansag,

Principal of Mandaue City Comprehensive National High School


Jona B. Buangjug, Day Care Worker 1,

Department of Social Welfare Services


Ermita Barangay Captain Mark Miral,

Cebu City Police Station 5


Police Captain Alvin Llamedo,

Station Commander of the Carbon Police Station

Warden Reynaldo Valmoria,

Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC)


Governor Gwendolyn Garcia,

Cebu Province, Philippines

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